Do clients give up control of their finances to you?

No. Our service is 100% transparent and we make sure clients fully understand how we are managing their finances. We realize our service is based on trust, and we take that trust seriously. We document everything we do, and provide whatever is required to assure clients and their families that their daily money matters are handled professionally and competently.

Who is your typical client?

We work with older adults and veterans who value having their financial affairs in order.

However, they may struggle in this area due to any number of factors – physical or mental challenges, not having the time or interest in managing daily finances on their own, or dealing with life challenges (death of a spouse, divorce, relocation).

Many clients value their independence and privacy in financial matters and prefer to enlist the services of a daily money manager rather than rely on family or friends for support.

Do you only work with older adults and veterans?

Yes, our primary clients are seniors and veterans; however, when available we also partner with the client’s family. Often it is a family member who makes the initial contact with Mary’s Daughter to ask about daily money management services.

I have an aging family member or know a veteran who could benefit from daily money management.
Can I contact you on a loved one’s behalf?

Absolutely! In fact, many of our clients are referred to us by family members or friends. Simply contact us to learn a little more about what we do, then we can work together to speak with a family member or friend about what his or her needs are.

How often do you work with your clients?

Some clients require weekly assistance in their home to open the mail, do their banking, make phone calls on their behalf and more.

Other clients simply require our help as needed if there’s a life transition and they need help adjusting budgets or reviewing personal cash flow.

And in other cases, we support clients on an annual basis to prepare for tax time.

We set up customized services on a schedule that is guided by the needs of our clients and/or their families.

How much does this service cost?

We are a billable-hour firm, and we offer different service and pricing packages depending on a client’s needs. We offer a free initial consultation, so we encourage anyone to contact us to learn more about enlisting the help of a Daily Money Manager!

I see you are based in Madison, WI. Do you only provide services in this area?

Part of our service includes traveling to clients’ homes on a regular basis. Our service area is primarily Madison, Wisconsin but daily money managers are located throughout the country, so referrals can be made to other trustworthy DMMs as the need arises.